31 December 2011

WHAT'S NEW IN OUR KENNEL: This year last update I would like to dedicate to summary of this season dog show successes :).

this year he gained such titles:
Lithuanian Champion
Romanian Champion
Baltic Winner 2011
IV/BOG (Best of Group) CAC Warszawa 2011
The Best Great Dane 2010 - Polish Great Dane Club Ranking
15 x CAC
3 x res.CAC
5 x res.CACIB
3 x BOB

... and started championship of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria, which I hope he will finish in 2012 season :)

THEO Moloseum
it is our this season "black horse" :), he gained such titles:
Polish Junior Champion
Lithuanian Junior Champion
European Great Dane Club Junior Winner (EuDDC) 2011
Polish Club Junior Winner 2011
Czech Club Junior Winner 2011
Lithuanian Club Junior Winner 2011
ÖDK Danube Trophy Junior Winner 2011
Baltic Junior Winner 2011
II/BIS Junior of Polish Club Show 2011
II/BIS Junior of Lithuanian Club Show 2011
II/BIS Junior of ÖDK Danube Trophy Speciality Show
II/BIS of Lithuanian Club Show 2011
Best of Breed Czech Club Show 2011
Best of Breed Lithuanian Club Show 2011
12 x CAJC
10 x Best Junior
3 x CAC
2 x res.CACIB
6 x BOB

... and started junior championship of Czech Republic and adult championship of Poland and Lithuania, which I hope she will finish in 2012 season :)

she started junior class very late, in September, so most of her this year successes is from baby and puppy class :):
BIS Puppy of of Czech Club Show 2011
III/BIS Puppy of of Lithuanian Club Show 2011
III/BIS Puppy of of ÖDK Danube Trophy Speciality Show
2 x Best Baby
7 x Best Puppy
4 x CAJC
1 x Best Junior

... … and started junior championship of Poland and Lithuania, which I hope she will finish in 2012 season:)


I would like to thank all those who are cooperated for this successes. Dorota Kukla for breeding such prized on rings dogs. Kladia Kar³owicz and Dagmara Grzelak for handling of my dog crew and my family for a lot of patience for my hobby... And I dream for next 2012 year to add to those show results, breeding successes.

24 December 2011

Kasia, Igor, Borys and our pets wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 :)))

23 December 2011

WHAT'S NEW IN OUR KENNEL: We closed 2011 show season at double international dog show on 17 and 18 December in Vilnius, Lithuania..
In the ring, my dogs were presented by Klaudia Kar³owicz:

THEO Moloseum 2xCAC and 2xres.CACIB.
UROCZA PANNA Moloseum 2xCAJC :)))


With those results THEO Moloseum has all the necessary notes from dog shows to get the title of stud male. He will be on the list of stud males from the first of March 2012 after finishing 18 months :).

5 December 2011

WHAT'S NEW IN OUR KENNEL: Yesterday at the national dog show in ¦wiebodzice THEO Moloseum has debuted in adult class. It was a very successful debut: CAC, Winner and Best of Breed :))).. and also qualified for the final six in the competition BOG II :).
UROCZA PANNA Moloseum also came from this exhibition with success: CAJC and Best Junior :)))


Today we have one more important reason for update of webpage :D.
UROCZA PANNA Moloseum has celebrated her first birthday :))).

On this occasion, I invite you to see already active Gallery of Panna :).

12 November 2011

WHAT'S NEW IN OUR KENNEL: There is a lot of new photos in a long time not updated Gallery of all my dogs.

A foretaste of winter aura in albums from last year's Winter 2010/2011:
* Dog and human mix
* After removal
* When the snow falls
* White fun
* Brothers
* In the backyard
* Big and small
* Winter thaw
* .. and again it snowing
* Winter mist
* Theodor's kindegarden

9 November 2011

WHAT'S NEW IN OUR KENNEL: Last Sunaday, international dog show in Prague (Czech Republic) gave us such results:

THEO Moloseum - CAJC, Best of Junior

Thus, we continue our efforts to obtain champion title the Czech Republic :)))


LINKS: Two new positions in file polish grat dane kannels:
* Mat Loch - black & harlequin
* U¶miech Kazaka - fawn & brindle

28 October 2011

WHAT'S NEW IN OUR KENNEL: There is a lot of new photos in THEO Moloseum gallery, both in youth gallery and show gallery :).

LINKS: I updated links to polish great dane kennels, private webpages of dane owners and Our friends web pages about dogs. If I missed someone, and would like to be among those links, please contact me: simbik25@gmail.com

24 October 2011

WHAT'S NEW IN OUR KENNEL: We have just returned from two-day international dog show in Poznań. In the first day, our girl presented her self in youth class. It was her first dog show in hall and she obtained her first CAJC and started her way for polish youth champion title:

UROCZA PANNA Moloseum I/1 exc, CAJC

In second day of the show, THEO Moloseum performed and obtained III location with excelent grade among 5 youths. He was just after his brother TONY MONTANA. Both brothers performed well :).


In connection with success of our harlequin girl, I updated file UROCZA PANNA Moloseum. So far there is only information about show results and pedigree. Rest of files will be active soon. Additionally I updated the file MARCELLO Moloseum and added rest of show results. In his Gallery there will be more photos soon.

DANE'S RANK: As always my lack of time verified the publishing date of Rank Results for 2010 year and opening of list for 2011 season. Please be patient. I hope that fact of my son going to kindergarten :) will help me to restore my web page previous functions.

9 October 2011

WHAT'S NEW IN OUR KENNEL: Second part of September was very busy for us. We showed at three club shows:

First one was very special for me, let say anniversary
... 5 years ago for the first time I apeared on dog show as a handler, not a spectator :))). On the other end of my leash was little MANTEUFEL Saxifraga. He presented in baby class and obatained title of Best Baby and III place on BIS Baby. It was very good debut for us :))).

... it was XIX Great Dane Club Show in Poland.

XXIV Great Dane Club Show in Poland, apeared to be same succesful for our young black male THEO Moloseum.

I/6 exc, Junior Club Winner of Poland 2011

then II/BIS Junior :)))

rest part of our team obtained results:
MARCELLO Moloseum - III/3 exc, in champion class
UROCZA PANNA Moloseum - exc/7

Our trio added their part to one another important succes of this Club Show:
MOLOSEUM Kennel - The Best Great Dane Kennel
harlequin and black 2011

Huge congratulations Dorothy :))). I am very happy that my dogs could take part in this event :D.


The Second club show, of previous month, was our first apear on german dog show during DDC Clubsiegerschau 2011

Only our boys appeared there and despite standing among very good competitors, obtained great results :):

MARCELLO Moloseum - III/6 exc, in champion class
THEO Moloseum - II/11 vg, res.JVDH, res.CAJC


Third of previous month and the last one this year club show, was the most important Great Dane Club Show EU.D.D.C. 2011, which took place in very beautiful and monumental town of Morizburg, next day after German Club Show.

Our boys also performed very well :):

MARCELLO Moloseum - III/6 exc, in champion class

THEO Moloseum - I/11 vg, JVDH, CAJC... so for the first time my dog obtained the title of Junior Club Winner of EU.D.D.C :))), making this club most fruitful of those three.


On all those shows my boys shined on the ring in the hands of our irreplaceable handler Klaudia Kar³owicz :))).
Urocza Panna was presented by Dagmara Grzelak, taking first steps on Great Dane handling, but very promising :))). Thank you girls for your passion put in handling of my dogs :D.

15 September 2011

WHAT'S NEW IN OUR KENNEL: We showed ourselves
on National dog show in Warsaw. This time boys exchanged with tile of Best of Breed:

THEO Moloseum CAJC, Best Junior and from today
Youth Champion of Poland. :)))

MARCELLO Moloseum CAC, BOS and BOB .. and for a dessert IV/BOG :)))

UROCZA PANNA Moloseum debiuted in youth class with III place


On this show the first time we participated in Breeding Competitions, as a representation of Moloseum kennel whom I closely cooperate. I think it was quite good start.

MARCELLO and UROCZA PANNA Moloseum were presented on Best Couple Competition.

All three were on III place in Best Breed Group Competition :)))


I would like to thank Klaudia Kar³owicz for presenting my dogs with such a results :). Klaudia Szymańska for menaging to show my insubordinate Panna and Beata Kucharczyk for help with breed presentation :).
And also out dane photographers (Malwina Michalak, Ewa Bednarek and Ola ¦mietanka) for so many beautifull photos from final competitions :))), which can be seen HERE, in file of My Dogs.

8 September 2011

DANE'S RANK: I started to sum up last year competitions: PGDD 2010 and PGDL 2010 so in files Polish Great Dane Derby and Polish Great Dane Ligue - Europe, appeared an alphabetical list of participants of those competitions.
I hope there will be people willing to take pary in this year competitions: PGDD 2011 and PGDL 2011. First overview I would like to present after Polish Club Show. E-mails: pddn2011simbik@gmail.com and pldn2011@gmail.com are valid. The rules almost haven't changed since last year. One cosmetical change in chart of grades is about IV place in final competitions, whitch is in all polish dog shows now. I would like to remind, that to take part in competition with dogs not from Poland (not registered in ZKwP) take part in 3 polish shows is necessary.

7 September 2011

WHAT'S NEW IN OUR KENNEL: Visit on National Dog Show in Radom,
fruited with another succeses of my dogs:

THEO Moloseum CAJC, Best Junior and BOB :)))
UROCZA PANNA Moloseum Best Puppy

Acording to previous announcemen, file Gallery in subpage of THEO Moloseum, is active.


DANE'S RANK: I started to sum up last year PGDD and PGDL competitions. Up to half of october I would like to collect all missing judging reports. During international dog show in Poznań, where I will be during both days, I would like to give diplomas and small gifts to participants. I hope also to accomplish this year edition of competitions. I plan to collect entries up to end of November, of which I will inform.


DOG SHOW CALENDAR: On September I plan to reactivate Dog Show Callendar.

30 August 2011

I was supposed to start, my dog's files update acording with their age so starting from senior Opa... , but I start from our youth THEO Moloseum vel Czart. There are two reasons: today is his first birthday...

... and also in age of 12 months he made some outstanding ring successes and we would like to present it :)

Because of it there are new information about Theo on our webpage. So far two files are active: Shows and Pedigree. After next update, there will be another active file: Gallery.

16 August 2011

So I'll try to start from, the beginning of the recent unexpected changes in our lives. These changes became better for us :))).

Late autumn in our flat there was a new puppy:

THEO Moloseum called Czart, Czarcioch vel Teodor :)

As a result of his appearance as well as various other coincidences we made a very quick decision to change residence .... and cold winters in rapidly moved from a block of flats to our own first house :)))

We settled in a quiet, pleasant surroundings on the outskirts of Lodz, Ruda Pabianicka. Hence the update in file CONTACT.


Soon, in our new home arrived the next one ... and for the first time it was a Great Dane bitch:

UROCZA PANNA Moloseum as a Panna or called by my son Dila ;-)


Dorothy, thank you very much for entrusting me with these two honeys :)))). For more information about them and about what is going on with our other family members - in the next update.

15 August 2011

I take an attempt to reactivate the web page ... I am hoping that this time will be a successful attempt