31 August 2018

WHAT'S NEW IN OUR KENNEL: Yesterday we participated in the integration meeting of the project ROZWIJAMY ŁÓD¬ NA ¦LADACH

It is a project which promotes MANTRAILING. Mantrailing is searching for a person by letting the dog smell an object of the person in question. I want to try to realize
the dane in such a task :)

MY DOGS: Update in galleries of TRINITY Lanqesco

new photos in file Adult:

*** Adult - 3 years
*** Adult - 4 years
*** Adult - 5 years

I invite you to watch !

27 August 2018

WHAT'S NEW IN OUR KENNEL: Some fought for medals in the ring ... and others won them in the sweat of their forehead, side by side with the owner :)

On "Dog Run" - Charity Run with dogs in Cracow (Poland)

we had our representative, running in tandem with his mistress
Kazimierz (KAZ Czar Olbrzyma)

Bravo Kazimierz and Agnieszka !

26 August 2018

FROM THE RING: Results from the show, sons of our Cleo :

On national dog show in Gostynin/ near Płock (Poland) :

Huma on the right - photo by Joanna Mróz Gabrysiak

HUMA Czar Olbrzyma
owner: Czar Olbrzyma FCI; handler: Kacper Piotrowski (PL)

in intermediate class: I excellent, CAC, Best Adult Male and Best of Breed !!!!
...And in addition as a result of this show, our HUMA Czar Olbrzyma became CHAMPION of POLAND !!!

younger brother of Huma, made his debut in the ring together with my son Borys :)

photo by Joanna Mróz Gabrysiak

LORAC Czar Olbrzyma
owner: Czar Olbrzyma FCI; handler: Borys Wesołowski (PL)

in minor puppy class: I very promissing, Best Minor Puppy !


On the fanpage Great Dane Club in Poland,
have been shared results of GREAT DANE SHOWS RANK for 2017 year.
We have three representatives of the Czar Olbrzyma breeding in the Ranking

siblings from litter "H" placed in the same places:

HUMA Czar Olbrzyma: Junior Harlequin Males 410 points - place III
owner:Czar Olbrzyma FCI
HESSA Czar Olbrzyma: Junior Harlequin Females 141 points - place III
owners:Paulina & Zbigniew Wi¶niewscy (PL)

ESTRELLA Czar Olbrzyma: Adult Harlequin Females 126 points - place V
owner: Aneta Kołodziejczyk (PL) kennel: Atheneum Alter Idem

Big congratulations for the owners !!! I'm glad that harlequins born to me,
are shown at numerous exhibitions and are appreciated by the judges :)

24 August 2018


We will not be given any more, follow this path together ....

19 August 2018

FROM THE RING: Show success of female from litter "H" :

On international dog show in Wasilków/ near Białystok (Poland) :

HESSA Czar Olbrzyma
owners: Paulina & Zbigniew Wi¶niewscy (PL); handler: Natalia Borkowska (PL)

in intermediate class: I/2 excellent, CAC, res.CACIB !

Big applause for the whole team (Hessa, owners and handler) !
You made me great joy this information :)

MY DOGS: New photos of NORDIC iz Staira

Update in his Gallery . - new photos in files:

*** Youth time
*** Almost adult
*** Adult - 3 years
*** Bydgoszcz (Poland) 11.02.2017
*** ŁódĽ (Poland) 13.05.2017

I invite you to watch !

15 August 2018


Son of our VERTIGO di Stella Ardens, still waiting for his new family !

SFORNY Obrowska Tradycja is a three-year-old male who for life reasons of his former owners returned to the care of his breeder. Currently, he is staying
near Toruń (Poland), in kennel Obrowska Tradycja.

Contact regarding his adoption:
phone: +48 56 637 64 07

31 July 2018

WHAT'S NEW IN OUR KENNEL: In the second half of July, we celebrated the 3rd birthday of Borbik (NORDIC iz Staira) !

The biggest gift for us on this occasion, it's the fact that despite the next attacks of the disease we are together ... ... and let it continue like that :)


in the second half of July we had a very nice visit :)

I had the opportunity to meet my almost 6-year-old Mirka (CIRILLA Czar Olbrzyma)
with her owner Sergey. The meeting took place at Kaja, the owner of the son Cirilla, Go¶ka
(ARAGORNA from Ciriland Union). Accompanied me, younger cousins
of Go¶ka
. Puppies visited the surrounding forest in the company of Go¶ka.

It was a very nice time,
I hope to meet in such a group more than once :)
There were a lot of emotions, so the youngest fell asleep at the end of the meeting :D

14 July 2018

FROM THE RING: The first successful show in July :)

On national dog show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki/Legionowo (Poland)

HESSA Czar Olbrzyma
owners: Paulina & Zbigniew Wi¶niewscy (PL); handler: Nina Szarska (PL)

in intermediate class: I excellent, CAC, Best Adult Female !


KRUNKET Czar Olbrzyma owner& handler: Daniel Paciorkowski (PL)
in puppy class: II/2 very promissing !

Congratulations for both females and their owners! Especially for Hessa,
on the occasion launch efforts for the title Polish Champion.

PUPPIES: In our kennel, it's still available, 3-month-old harlequin female Liva!


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